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Limited Edition Lithographs

Aiming for Bedford (Offset lithograph, 21 1/2"x29 1/2")
Grand Old Griffith (Offset lithograph, 15 3/4"x36")
Polo Playoff Payoff (Offset lithograph, 18" x 33", 1992)
Ashburn Sliding Home (Offset lithograph, 21 1/2"x29 1/2")
Sammy Sosa (Offset lithograph, 25"x26")
Forbes Field (Offset lithograph, 15 1/2"x36")
Fenway Gold (Offset lithograph, 21 1/2"x29 1/2")
Kaline catch (Offset lithograph, 29 1/2"x21 1'2")
Don Larsen's Perfect Pitch (Offset lithograph, 25"x26")
Mark McGuire's 62nd Home Run (Offset lithograph, 25"x26")
Mickey Mantle Portrait (Offset lithograph, 30"x22")
Mickey Mantle Perfect Catch (Offset lithograph, 31"x20")
Scooter Turning Two (Offset lithograph, 22'x28 1/2")
pinstripe classic comeback (Offset lithograph, 14"x36")
Polo grounds (Offset lithograph, 13"x36")
sporstman park (Offset lithograph, 21 1/2"x29 1/2")
Wrigley Field Panorama (Offset lithograph, 15"x36")
Crosley Field (Offset lithograph, 15 3/4"x36")
above fenway (Offset lithograph, 21 1/2"x29 1/2")
Mickey Mantle (Offset lithograph, 23"x27")

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